Farmer's Market Finds

If you've been around for a while, you know how much I write and that more often than not I have my Moleksine journal with me. You know, just in case I have some good thoughts to write down or something.

I've been pretty faithful to the good old Moleskine and have filled up quite a few in the past few years, but when I was at the SLC Farmer's market this weekend, I found something that could possible make me switch up my Moleskine ways.

While walking around I stumbled across a stand that looked like it was selling old books, and I saw an old copy of Where The Wild Things are (one of my childhood favorites) and had to stop in. I picked it up and realized that, BONUS, it is actually rebound AND a journal! Be still my soul, right?! 

Red Barn Collections rebinds books, adds pages, and creates a journal out of old books. They have a range of books at their stand (and even more in their warehouse, so you can check if they have a specific book you want!) from children's to mystery to reference books and even board games!
I am a little obsessed with the children's books because they have the whole story in the journal and it just makes me feel all young and nostalgic. I ended up buying Where the Wild Things Are and Shel Silversteins "A Light in the Attic".

I'm so excited to start writing in these (can't start yet because there are still a few pages left in my trusty Moleskine) and see how it goes!

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