I am going to guess that everyone reading this is above the age of six, if not, kudos to you under six year old, you win at life!

But for all of us who are past the age of six, let's remember that time. It was glorious, not a care in the world, well yes, definitely cares, but only the candy, toy, and play drama, none of that heavy adult-y type stuff.

We weren't afraid to speak our minds and maybe sometimes said things that weren't socially appropriate (like that time I was so excited to open the door and get the pizza, then saw the delivery guy, ran back upstairs freaking out, yelling MOM, IT'S AN OLD MANNNNN!!!!). But man, did we say some great stuff back then.

So, I say we should be more like a six year olds! Maybe not just say whatever we are thinking, because, sometimes, let's be honest, it's a little rude, but SAY NICE THINGS TO PEOPLE!

I'm serious though, compliment people, genuinely, do it!

Because yesterday, while I was getting my nails done and chatting with Easton, this six year old (it was her birthday, and all she wanted to do was get her nails done. Seriously, the cutest thing!) so politely interrupts our conversation and says to me:

"um, excuse me, I really like your boots"

And let's be real, that made my day! That little girl had something to say and she made sure she told me, which, if I'm being honest, I don't do enough.

Recently I have been trying to compliment people and say nice things to them when I think it, but sometimes it's hard. Like sometimes I want to tell a girl I don't know that I really like her dress or man great comments/insight, but she's busy/talking to people, so I better not bother her. It's fine, I'm sure she get's it all the time. Maybe next time.

Sound familiar?

Sure, it's scary approaching people out of the blue and speaking to them, but here's the thing, who is ever MAD about a compliment?! PEOPLE LOVE HEARING THAT THEY'RE AWESOME! They love it.

So don't assume that they know or that someone will tell them or that it won't make their day, you channel your inner six year old self, and you tell 'em that they're great or their outfit is on fleek (yes, I said it, judge all you want).

Let them know, say your piece, and don't worry about what happens afterward, because I can almost guarantee that someone won't be weird and judgy about the compliment you just paid them (unless it's a way awkward one, like once a guy got real close to me in the office and told me my hair smelled nice... stay away from being invasive or creepy, trust me).