It's no secret, I love reading. From the days of my youth stealing my moms college text books just to read something, to now regretting the love every time I have to move my books (BOOKS ARE SO HEAVY).

Since I love it so much, I figured I might as well share that love with the world and keep a record of the ones I've read. Sometimes I'll write full on posts about them, sometimes I won't, but I'll always give some key words and other information... rest assured though, if you want to know more about a book, just holla @ ya gurlllll (I don't really type like that, don't worry).

2017 Reads
Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller
currently reading: Scary Close by Donald Miller and It's Not How Good You are, It's How Good You Want To Be by Paul Arden
currently listening to: Triggers by Marshall Goldsmith

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