You gotta start somewhere

It is so hard for me to write here, and I think part of it is because I can be SO edited here.

Let me explain.

I write a ton. Like notebooks on notebooks of my thoughts and ideas are sitting on a shelf right now, mostly in Moleskine journals. And when I write it down, I have to think about it and I can't really delete it (I can cross it out, but I reserve that for colossal mistakes). I can't edit as I go. It's just there. And that stuff, well if I am being honest, THAT stuff is gold.

Then I get here, online and hit the backspace key more than I should. And not because I have a ton of typing errors (which surprise, sometimes I do) but because it's so easy to second guess myself and rewrite what I am trying to say. So then it turns out like crap and it kills me.

But I can't put what's on paper, on screen. It's weird. I'm weird. Part of it is because they are like pieces of my soul and only like 4 people ever have seen a glimpse of those notebooks, and I might just be scared to send my soul out to the world like that.

I digress, really, I just have to try to write good stuff here, and I think that can only happen if I stop trying to only write good stuff.

So I'm going to try more regularly, and even if it isn't great, at least I've started. As Anne Lamott said "almost all good writing begins with terrible first efforts. You need to start somewhere."

And that somewhere, for now, is here.