skillz 2 pay da billz (actually, no bills will be paid with this new skill)

So a few posts back I talked about resolutions and mentioned specifically learning new skills.

Well SURPRISE! At some point I decided that I should learn to skateboard (maybe it's a quarter-life crisis, I don't care, it seems legit, right?)


So basically, I have a skateboard, I can kind of stand on it and manage not to crash into anything. Mainly I am just very awkward and ask people in the parking lot to teach me, and so far so good. I've only fallen once and it didn't hurt that much. My current strategy is when in doubt, jump off and bail, and it seems to be working super well.

This definitely isn't the type of skill I was thinking of in December, but here I am, wish me luck!


I've been having a hard time with life and tweeted about it. Then I started to write about because I was going to be courageous or whatever.

But here I am, thinking of how grateful I am for all of the people I have in my life, people who love me and still love me even though I'm difficult.

Because for the most part, I don't like to talk about things. I don't want to cry with you. I don't want to sit and chat about why I feel rotten. I don't need you to baby me. I don't need cookie dough or ice cream or a movie marathon. And I know that's SO hard to deal with, but it's who I am.

Yet I still have people I know are there for me. People who talk me through it and give me the space I need to figure it out. People who give me the gentle reminder that I'm okay, that I'm loved, that they're there when I need them.

I guess, grateful is the only way I can describe it. And to each and everyone, I am thankful for you.