Happiness is not a luxury

I woke up this morning way too early. Way way too early.

And instead of doing the usual, turning on netflix to mindless shows or movies (nothing wrong with that), I read. I read books that I started forever ago. I read/listened to inspirational talks. I wrote things in the good old Moleskine.

Sometimes I forget how much I love reading. And when I say forget, I mean, I put it on the back burner with all the other things "I just don't have time for". It's a bad habit. Truly it is.


Because reading makes me happy. Writing makes me happy. And if it makes me happy, I SHOULD FREAKING DO IT.

I think we forget a lot of the time, that happiness is essential to our being. It shouldn't be a luxury. It shouldn't be something that we partake in when it's convenient.

Make time for happiness, make time for what makes you feel alive. You'll find that you are better because of it. That maybe, taking that time to read (or whatever it is that makes you feel alive) in your day, might make you a happier more pleasant person.

Having that "you" time, whatever it may be, is essential to being the best version of you.

Trust me: doing what makes you happy allows you to show up as your authentic self, rather than that strung out, overburdened, too busy, uptight, stress coming out of your eyeballs, scary person that kind of freaks people out. Take time to recharge, you (and probably everyone around you) will be thankful.

If you "just don't have time" for the little things that make you happy, you're doing it wrong. Don't get hung up on that though, because guess what, you can start today!