Brunch hard or go home

Last week, my friends and I FINALLY got together for brunch. I'm not saying that to be pretentious like we go to brunch and gallivant off to the Hampton's on the weekends, I'm saying that because we have been trying to get together for ONE brunch at Communal for literally a year.

We tried, without a reservation, over two months ago and failed. But this time, we came prepared... with a reservation a week in advance (not because you need to, but because getting the four of us free on a Saturday is like striking gold, pure gold).

First off, Communal is little, but boy is it busy. Part of the reason (at least I think, it's logic, right?) it's called communal is because you sit at a table with other people; for some that is weird, but for me. GREAT. Because I can creep on my neighbors food and ask them about it without having to get up and be weird. TOTALLY NATURAL.

So I creeped hard and decided to go with "the pine" which is a biscuit and gravy type deal, but better? How does it get better than biscuits and gravy, you might ask... let me tell you. 'The pine' is a biscuit and gravy combo, but with bacon, fried chicken, cheese, and egg. Guys. SO SO GOOD.

I also got the bruleed grapefruit which was good, but probably not something I'd get again (for me, brulee-ing half a grapefruit is not worthy of $4, but if that's your thing, go for it).

Overall 10/10 would recommend brunching at Communal if you happen to find yourself in Provo on a Saturday morning and happened to have made reservations in advance. Good food, good times with friends, what more could I ask for?